KelTech Website

Just launched my latest website designed for KelTech Datasafe Inc. They were a great group to work with and I hope the new site adds to their ongoing success. Please visit their site at:
This site was designed on a WordPress platform.

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Jack Layton Ferry Terminal & Harbour Square Park


I’m looking forward to the redesign of the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal and park. The proposals look great, my only concern is do they account for the huge crowds and lines on summer weekends.

Check out the designs at the link below:

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Toronto’s New Streetcars

This past weekend the new much larger accessible Streetcars began service in Toronto. I’m excited to see this finally happening. For more about this click the following link.

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3D Printing

I recently had a great evening learning the basics of 3D printing at

The class was very well taught with a great overview and background history into 3Dprinting and everyone had the opportunity to print their own 3D object to take home.

I would recommend this class to anyone interest in this cool technology.


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Doors Open 2014 Toronto

This past weekend I was able to enjoy the great “Doors Open” event.

This year I visited the Canada Life building, City Hall, The Canadian Imperial Back of Commerce (CIBC) Great Hall, The Elgin and Winter Garden Theaters.

Here are some photos I took at the venues.





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My first attempt at making a HTML5 Game.

Will continue to add to and improve it’s features.

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Toronto Mayoral Race

My impression of the Toronto Mayoral Race.

Toonz Version:


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